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Vitality Rap:
where health, empowerment, and righteous indignation make beautiful music together!

Our Mission: to deliver empowering and liberating health messages to tweens and teens in music video format.

Vitality Rap will establish a library of music videos, each delivering an important and empowering message about health, nutrition, physical activity, and/or weight control. Ultimately, the videos will link to programs that give kids the tools and resources they need to act on the advice thye get and help them make better use of feet and forks!

Turn the Tide Foundation is delighted to be collaborating with Kellee McQuinn and KidTribe.

Coming soon! Our first music video….


Team: Executive Producer: David Katz
Producer/Director: Kellee McQuinn and KidTribe
Lead Vocals: Gabe Katz
Dancers/Choreography/Back-up Vocals: Natalia Katz and Valerie Katz

If you like Unjunk Yourself and want to help us produce more Vitality Rap music videos, please click here.