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Unjunk Yourself:
where health, empowerment, and righteous indignation make beautiful music together!

Our Mission: to deliver empowering and liberating health messages to tweens and teens in music video format.

Unjunk Yourself will establish a library of music videos, each delivering an important and empowering message about health, nutrition, physical activity, and/or weight control. Ultimately, the videos will link to programs that give kids the tools and resources they need to act on the advice thye get and help them make better use of feet and forks!



Executive Producer: David L. Katz, MD, MPH
Production Manager/Editorial Director: Catherine S. Katz, PhD
Associate Producers: Beth Comerford, MS; Katherine Bequary, MPH
Director: Ron Laskodi, Center City Film & Video
Editor/Composite: Sean McManus, Center City Film & Video
Choreographers: Natalia Katz; Valerie Katz
Graphic Design: Monica Brown, Center City Film & Video
Graphic Composite: Nick Salvatore, Center City Film & Video
Audio Re Mix: Adam Schwartz, Cetner City Film & Video
Camera: Jon Koengetter, Center City Film & Video
Film Credit: Arias Productions

Vocals: Camisha Moore
Lyrics: Gabe Katz, David L. Katz
Music: Mike Golembeski

Gabe Katz
Natalia Katz
Valerie Katz
Mia Laguna
Nina Pezzello
Charley Tiernan
Brenna Williams



Frito: Gabel Katz
Healthiest: Gordon James Jr.
Vitality: Natalia Katz
Executives: Regina Bryant, Valerie Katz, Robert Lopez
Scientist: Kellee McQuinn
Head Chef: Dr. David Katz
Little Chef: Sabrina Storey
Store Clerk: Michelle Sung

Executive Producer: Dr. David Katz, Beth Comerford
Writer, Director, Producer: Kellee McQuinn
Music Producer: George Black
Coordinating Producer: Naomi Rhema
Director of Photography: Jonathan Hall
Editor: James Reid
1st AD: David Mendez
Assistant Camera: Shawn Aguilar
Gaffer: Jason McGuire
Best Boy Electric: Dan Prostak
Grips: Kyle Kolding, Kiel Greenfield
Choreographer: Shara Smallwood
Art Director & Stylist: Paula Zimmerman
Assistant Stylist: Nick McGrath
Hair & Make Up: Anna Cota Dodge, Lana Ingham
Location Manager: Jerico Woggon
Production Assistants: Justin Conway, Cameron Dozier, Kacper Skowron
Recording Engineer: Todd Tacket, The Plaza Studios
Visual Effects: Jerome Cheng  


Team: Executive Producer: David Katz
Producer/Director: Kellee McQuinn and KidTribe
Lead Vocals: Gabe Katz
Dancers/Choreography/Back-up Vocals: Natalia Katz and Valerie Katz

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