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Our Sponsor:

Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc. would like to thank the California Walnut Board and Commission for their generous support.  




A-B-E (Activity Bursts Everywhere) for Fitness    

The A-B-E for Fitness program offers a free video library of 3 to 8 minute activity bursts that will allow you, your colleagues and your family to move and exercise everywhere, everyday! The exercise videos are organized by the setting (office, home, etc), the body region involved, and whether the exercise is performed seated or standing.    

  • A-B-E for Fitness . . .
    Is an evidence-based program based on recent physical activity guidelines.
  • Includes a combination of exercises focusing on aerobics, resistance training, flexibility and balance.
  • Can benefit your health and well-being by increasing your energy level, reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer, reducing your stress, improving your productivity at work, and lifting your mood.
  • Will change your perception of physical activity. Moving will become part of your normal routine everyday, everywhere.
  • Is short, doable and fun.
  • Is easy to find on the internet. You just need to log on a computer and go to www.ABEFitness.com. 
  • Can be accessed from any smart phone.
  • Fits fitness into YOUR day.
  • Is a great, health-promoting alternative to caffeine for energizing your work day, and enhancing your productivity  

Staying active on a regular basis can have many positive effects on your life. A-B-E is always available to help you reach your goal. We believe that health-promoting activity is meant for everyone, everywhere and A-B-E gives you the tools to make it happen every day!

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